Monday, January 26, 2009

Working on my Veg-ASS BABY!!

So I am finally back.  There was a bit of a personal setback in my life- but my family has steadied itself out and we are on a set course.  It's a completely different course than 6 months ago- but it's steady.  And I'm grateful for that.  So now, after the storm has calmed, I'm back at my swimming ventures.  I went back last week on the Monday- Wednesday was Kari's birthday- and was pretty shocked at how slow I had gotten.  Sigh.  But Erin harassed me enough via facebook and texting - that I decided it was high time I got back into it.  And I'm so happy I did.  I tend to quit things if I fall behind too much- I just always think it'll be too hard to catch up.  And I'm right.  But my Dad's been asking when my triathalon is and he intends on being there.  And godammit so do I.  I did a really slow 2minutes and 51 seconds 100m last week but I was actually kind of encouraged by that- AND after two and a half months- I DIDN'T feel like I was going to drown like the first few times- so that was awesome.  Tonight we did 400m of warmups then 16 x 50m broken into four groups.  So you do 1 x 50m slow, the next a little faster, the next faster and the last full out- four times.  Ugh.  THEN 3 x 150m with flippers... so my simple math skills are poor- but they are good enough to say that's a lot.  

On another unrelated note- Nicole's timeshare came through today and I'm off to Vegas in April for my 30th birthday... Jesus... I'm 30.  My slow decline into old age has started and it's the end of my youth... it feels kinda weird but I don't really dwell on it... I'm too excited for Vegas- I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!  It's pretty brutal.  But part of my encouragement for the swimming and the running again is the thought of the 25 degree weather and my ass in my unused bikini.  And I vow not to be unfit anymore.  I have always struggled with my weight- I've never been super skinny- and I like a bit of t and a but the last time I was in Vegas I was a wee smaller and felt better about myself so I intend on getting that back before I go!!!  I did NOT have anything bad to eat today at ALL!!  Not even coffee- I'm on tea at work and water and the odd apple juice.  Hmmmm apple juice- it may seem crazy but it's like crack to me.  I love it.   I really, really need to get on my bike and trainer though- I am not worried so much about the swimming anymore but I am super worried about the running because of my leg-- but also the biking-  I mean I CAN bike- but for how long and how far???  I need to make sure of that before I go... I only have a mountain bike and I was riding it to work and back last summer before I broke my leg- so about 22km a day so I know it's doable.  But I remember how hard it was the first couple times- mainly my ass.  With ALL this cushioning... biking still hurts my ass.  Weird.

And one more thing:  this timeshare has a kitchen and a pool and it's ON the strip.  We are going to go prettttty crazy I think.  I'm getting health insurance before I go.  Just in case...