Friday, June 28, 2013

Officially now part granola munching, holier than thou, dirty, tree fucking hippy...

So I've started riding my bike to work more. Instead of only doing it on mornings that the Man could take kiddo to the daycare I'm now hitching up the trailer and riding him there, THEN riding to work. Then after work riding to the daycare, THEN home. It's a lot. And I think I might be a little crazy. But here's the thing- the Man has started riding his bike to work everyday. He works 20km away from our house down and up a steep river valley in the middle. To give you an idea we live near 82 ave and he works on 137 ave... it's an insane ride. And he does it. Every. Single. Weekday. Mostly because his truck is broken and he has too but that's another post. BUT that's not even it- he does bike patrols at work. ALL DAY. Inspirational or what? The other day he was showing me his quads, and without even flexing they totally pop. I'm so jealous.

So yes. Riding my bike. H has started loving the morning and afternoon commutes- he absolutely can't wait to get into the bike trailer and eat his banana every morning! I'm excited to be able to show him that we are an active family and that being active is really important and can be as easy as incorporating it daily into your everyday. It doesn't have to always involve a gym.

I sweat like a beast. Seriously, it's bad. I have to change my clothes at work otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd be shunned. To my own office even maybe? hmmmmm maybe I should rethink this changing clothes idea....

Also I have stopped wearing regular deodorant. Natural deodorant all the way baby! No aluminum or formaldehyde (WTF) in my armpits anymore! I'm becoming such a hippy, the other day I even rode my bike in my birkenstocks. I might as well start wearing dreadlocks and re-start breastfeeding. My 3 year old.