Saturday, October 25, 2008

Got It!!

I got the bikini in the mail yesterday. It's gorgeous and way better quality than those crappy Old Navy things I've worn over the years. Good thing it was AFTER the food and wine festival.. ahem.. it's amazing how all images of me looking fabulous in a bikini go to pot when there is malbecs, pumpkin spice beer, chai liquors and amaretto chocolate eclairs to be had. And of course the AFTER festival downing of WAY too many jagerbombs which result in me waking up at 4am with my heart beating through my neck. Sigh. A starbucks and some smack talking this morning left my guts all churned as usual so I decided to opt for steel cut oatmeal and bananas and a LOT of water for breakfast this morning... can't stomach anything else until supper I'd imagine- I think I'm going to opt for salmon and green beans. It was mentioned to me the other day that I should start a food diary to make myself more accountable... so that's what I'm doing, of course avoiding all the culinary disaster that was yesterday. I haven't worked out today yet either... I can't even get off the couch hardly and to be honest I'm scared of having more goo and ooze come out of my stitches. My workout is slightly on hold for a week and a bit until they come out because quite frankly I have no idea how to design a work out program if I can't use my legs. I'm signing up for a women's weight training class on Sundays but I've YET to find a spin class that doesn't involve joining some crazy cult gym like the WHC or ClubFit. But I remember being at the Calgary Stampede when I ran my half marathon. And I remember how it felt to look so good in my little white skirt and my tan tshirt and how Cody's friends looked at me. That gets my ass of the couch the most actually. Sigh. Alright. Game on.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Setbacks can be motivating

Never in my life have I wanted to run more. Breaking my leg in my skiydiving accident was one of the worst/best things that has ever happened to me. Worst thing because it hurt like hell, included two painful surgeries and lots of intensive physiotherapy that I could have all done without... HOWEVER, it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me in that mandatory immobility and ass sitting for 10 weeks seriously gives a person time to think.. I got into physio and decided I was going to start swimming on the advice of my burly inpersonal surgeon's advice ("Do you swim? No? You do now. Three times a week. If you want to walk properly again"). I joined the Peter Hemingway's swim training program with the ultimate goal of a triathlon in May. And after 7 sessions I'm hooked... I love the gliding and the motions and the way my body feels in the water... I've gotten over my childhood fear of being underwater (I had a couple near miss drowning incidents as a kid- scared me as much as my parents!) and I'm enjoying the movements and the quietness and the strength I can feel building up in my arms and lungs! Don't get me wrong... it's a 50m pool- I almost drowned the first two weeks almost everyday. But I stuck with it and now I'm excited every time I get to go. Last night I got moved up to the medium ability lane (yay) and Lincoln timed us for a hundred metres and I was at 2min and 25 seconds- not an Olympic feat but I gave it my all and I'm pretty pumped about it and I'm very enouraged to keep going and improve! But because of my surgery today to get my screw out of my ankle (Finally!!) I can't go swimming for two weeks. Sigh. It feels like forever. I'm saddened and quite frustrated that I have to be put back for 4 sessions but I'm looking forward to it again and I'm going to be walking on incline elevation on the treadmill and cycling in the meantime. There is a women's weight training course starting next Sunday at the pool and I'm going to sign myself up for it so that I can come home and apply the same moves... I'm pretty excited and I hope this excitement lasts longer than my obsession with the fiddle. Props to Erin :) and Twyla for being my motivational partners!!!